Bring your stories to life with animation

In the world of content, video is king. Animation offers you a way to tell a story that’s imaginative, visual and engaging. Whether you’re wanting to market your product, raise your brand profile or provide support and information to your customers, animation can be a great way to communicate your message and build your audience.

Explainer videos

Customers, investors, and even colleagues need to understand your business, your product and your goals. Explainer videos can help turn a complex idea into a concise, easy to understand format that’s memorable and enjoyable to watch. I have over 5 years experience producing explainer videos that are specifically designed with the message and the audience in mind. With careful consideration to language, tone and style, an explainer video is the perfect accompaniment to any digital information or marketing campaign.

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Social marketing

Your customers are using social networks daily, but are they seeing you? With most social platforms now favouring video content, you’ve got to be producing eye catching material to stand out. I can help you produce a series of videos and animations, formatted for a variety of platforms and built to catch your followers before they scroll past. Whether it’s for a paid campaign or regular content, I can help you put together the right content.

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Data visualisation

We’re living in a world of data, and while this endless supply of information offers so many new opportunities, reading it can be hard. Visualising data makes it easy to immediately see what’s happening, and can help you present your research in an undeniable and convincing manner. But it doesn’t have to be Excel pie charts; animated data visualisation adds a whole new dimension. See how data changes over time, or add stylish motion to graphs and charts. Bring your data into the data age.

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Animated adverts for web and TV

Video advertising plays a huge role in web content, and is a great way to reach your targeted audience with detailed analytics and feedback. A carefully produced animation can be an effective way to quickly get your message across in a manner that’s engaging, not irritating. Thinking about going into TV advertising? I can help with that too!

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Animated web elements

With the latest browsers and web technology, websites don’t need to be static any more. Bring your content to life with responsive, adaptive animated illustrations that really take your website to the next level. Animations in SVG and GIF formats can sit nicely with other content, giving your website an edge, visualising your ideas and engaging your users, without eating up their data or slowing down your page.

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Other services

I don’t just stop at animation. With over 10 years in graphic design under my belt, I can help you with a range of other design services including:

  • Logo and branding design
  • Design for print (including brochures, posters and flyers)
  • Web design (WordPress themes), hosting and management
  • Voice over recording
  • Illustration and character design

If it’s not on the list, please do still get in touch. If I can’t help then I’ll know someone who can!

Get in touch

Got an idea? Questions? I’m all ears. If you want to know more, would like a quote or just fancy a chat, drop me a message on the form below, or call 07411 451 452.