Bring your stories to life

Motion design and animation are great ways to take your message to the next level. Right now, video is king when it comes to content. It’s by far the best way to reach your customers – whether it’s social marketing, mobile content or helpful and informative videos on your website. If you’re considering bringing your story to life, I can help.

What I can do for you

Motion design is my speciality; 2D animation, video editing and social content. But I sometimes work in other areas too:

  • Web design
  • WordPress themes
  • graphic design for print and digital
  • interactive design
  • Voice overs and audio editing

If there’s something else you’re thinking about that’s not in the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If it’s not something I can help you with, I’ll probably know somebody who can!

Get in touch

Got an idea? Questions? I’m all ears. If you want to know more, would like a quote or just fancy a chat, drop me a message on the form below.